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Mark Glanville, a pastor-scholar, ministers at Grandview Calvary Church, Vancouver and is on the faculty of the Missional Training Center, Phoenix ( Mark studies towards a PhD in Old Testament at Trinity College, Bristol, U.K. (supervisors: Craig Bartholomew and Gordon Wenham). His research topic is the ‘ger’ (refugee) in Deuteronomy. Mark lives in Vancouver and speaks regularly at conferences on justice, mission and the Old Testament (e.g. Pastorum Live, Chicago, Apr 2013 and Missional Hermeneutics Conference, Grand Rapids, Nov 2013). Mark is theologically reformed and is ordained in the Presbyterian Church of Australia. Mark’s previous career was as a jazz pianist in Sydney and around Australia (Chick Corea and Wynton Kelly are his musical heroes). Mark spends his spare time mulling over ideas in coffee shops with Erin his wife and bushwalking with Mahla and Lewin their children. Mark is Aussie; he can break a crocodile's neck with two fingers. Mark blogs at

“The Sacred Year”

Consider Mike Yankoski’s new book, “The Sacred Year.” Here is a book to give your friend who is disenchanted with church—a good fraction of generation Y-Zers in my experience—and who need a fresh vision for following Christ. This is the … Continue reading

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Preaching Deuteronomy missionally: An eight week series.

Are you interested in going deeper in missional preaching? At the  ‘A Missional Reading of Scripture Conference’, Calvin Seminary, Grand Rapids, Nov. 2013, I presented a workshop, ‘Church for the Thriving of the World: Preaching Deuteronomy Missionally.’ This included outlining … Continue reading

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An Extraordinary Conference (at which I get to speak): A Missional Reading of Scripture

A Missional Reading of Scripture Conference: November 20-21, 2013, Calvin Seminary, Grand Rapids. Plenary speakers: Chris Wright, N. T. Wright, Mike Goheen, Darrell Guder. Workshop presenters: Tyler Johnson, Chris Gonzalez, Scot Sherman, Chuck DeGroat, Gayle Doornbos, John Franke, George Hunsberger, … Continue reading

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“Ancient Laws and New Canadian Refugee Legislation: An article with “Refuge” journal.

May I please share with you my article just published with Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees, titled: ”Ancient Laws and New Canadian Refugee Legislation: Evaluating Bill C-31 in Light of the Book of Deuteronomy“. Refuge is a prestigious academic journal … Continue reading

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Does Obamacare match with Biblical ethics? The Government shutdown may be a fitting time to reflect.

During this U.S. Government shutdown, it may be an fitting for American Christians to consider how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, at the centre of the dispute, matches up with Biblical ethics. It seems that Biblical … Continue reading

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“Blessed are those who mourn”… the mourners are aching visionaries – Nicholas Wolterstorff

‘“Blessed are those who mourn.” What can it mean? One can understand why Jesus hails those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, why he hails the merciful, why he hails the pure in heart, why he hails the peacemakers, why he … Continue reading

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Kevin Rudd (Australian PM) is misinformed on slavery in the Bible – Biblical law is life-giving for slaves too

So the Bible says that slavery is a ‘natural condition’, Kevin Rudd (Prime Minister of Australia)? You are misinformed. Slavery was a central pillar of ancient Near Eastern society – the cultural background for the Old Testament (OT) – so … Continue reading

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New article with CASE magazine: Laws of Inclusion and Strategies of Exclusion

CASE magazine has just published my article, ‘Laws of Inclusion and Strategies of Exclusion: New Australian Asylum Seeker Policy Under the Scrutiny of Deuteronomy.’ (3,500 words) It is an extensive discussion both of Australian asylum seeker policy and biblical ethics … Continue reading

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Confession renews the church for the mission of Christ

Confession of sin in corporate worship renews the church for the mission of Christ. It hardly needs stating that confession of sin in corporate worship is out of fashion in most church traditions. Yet Christ commands that we confess our … Continue reading

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The PNG Solution and Biblical Ethics – a new article with Eternity Newspaper

May I please invite you to read my new article on Australian asylum seeker policy, published online with Eternity Newspaper, ‘The PNG Solution and Biblical Ethics‘? A note to Christian readers, if I may: This is an issue upon which … Continue reading

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