Selling Arms to Bahrain

Nicholas Kristof’s New York Times article asks whether the proposed U.S. contract for $53 million dollars of arms sales to Bahrain is morally acceptable. Bahrain is a moderate Middle Eastern State, providing moderation in an often anti-western context – and land for a U.S. Navy base. Yet in Bahrain arms are used against civilians. Kristof traces the use of tear gas against a boy, Ali, and his family. Ali was killed. As Obama deliberates, you might read Kristof’s article.


About Mark Glanville

Mark Glanville is a pastor-scholar who ministers in a missional urban community, Grandview Church, Vancouver. Mark is Professor of Old Testament and congregational studies at the Missional Training Center, Phoenix (, and he teaches at Regent College, Vancouver. Mark's research focusses upon the Pentateuch, biblical ethics, and mission. Mark has authored a book on Exodus (Lexham, forthcoming), numerous refereed articles (including in the Journal of Biblical Literature, forthcoming) and chapters on the Pentateuch, mission, and refugee related issues, as well as numerous popular articles. Mark is presently co-authoring a book, "Providing Refuge: A Missional and Political Theology." Mark is regularly called upon to speak on in Canada, the U.S., and Australia. His previous career was as a jazz pianist in Sydney, Australia (Chick Corea and Wynton Kelly are his musical heroes).
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