Larry Norman explains the gospel from the piano – brilliant.

Larry Norman explains the gospel from the piano. Brilliant, creative, true, funny, moving. It echos Newbigin’s words: ‘Christ is the clue to creation’. Genius – and so young. Thanks to my friend Bruce Meller for the link.

About Mark Glanville

Mark Glanville, a pastor-scholar, ministers at Grandview Calvary Church, Vancouver and is on the faculty of the Missional Training Center, Phoenix ( Mark studies towards a PhD in Old Testament at Trinity College, Bristol, U.K. (supervisors: Craig Bartholomew and Gordon Wenham). His research topic is the ‘ger’ (refugee) in Deuteronomy. Mark lives in Vancouver and speaks regularly at conferences on justice, mission and the Old Testament (e.g. Pastorum Live, Chicago, Apr 2013 and Missional Hermeneutics Conference, Grand Rapids, Nov 2013). Mark is theologically reformed and is ordained in the Presbyterian Church of Australia. Mark’s previous career was as a jazz pianist in Sydney and around Australia (Chick Corea and Wynton Kelly are his musical heroes). Mark spends his spare time mulling over ideas in coffee shops with Erin his wife and bushwalking with Mahla and Lewin their children. Mark is Aussie; he can break a crocodile's neck with two fingers. Mark blogs at
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