Four strategies for leading a church into mission cont.

In this series of blogs I humbly offer four strategies for mobilising a local church into mission:

Christ is risen! New creation has begun!

  1. Preach for it
  2. Pray for it
  3. Worship for it
  4. Model it

In my previous blog I discussed two of these strategies; here I discuss a third.

  • Worship for mission

By ‘worship’ I am referring to corporate worship. Given that mission is central to what it means to be ‘in Christ’ (see John 20:21), I take it that a part of the goal of worship is to mobilize God’s people for into mission. I am ashamed to say that I cottoned on to the importance of worship practice that intentionally equips and mobilises the church for mission relatively recently—I have learned from my wife, who is gifted in designing meaningful and reformed worship. Here are two ideas for worshipping for mission:

First,  a ‘work liturgy’, where for eight weeks someone from the congregation is interviewed, prayed over and ‘sent’ into their place of work, to be Christ’s ambassador.

Second, Easter Sunday worship. Easter Sunday is the highlight of the church calendar—this is when we really celebrate! Our catch phrase is:

Leader: Christ is risen! Cong.: New creation has begun!

On Easter Sunday we celebrate that: what God has done for Christ is raising him from the dead, he will soon do for the whole world. New creation has begun! We begin the day as a church family with a huge breakfast. This last Easter, during breakfast, someone acting as the apostle Peter rushed into the eating hall and with all the excitement of a man who has just discovered an empty tomb he urges us to come and see what he has seen! We eagerly follow him into the sanctuary, as if to see the empty tomb. As we enter the sanctuary there is a picture of an empty tomb on the screen and the band is singing: ‘Christ the Lord is Risen Today’. The whole service is full of energy and celebration-new creation has begun!


About Mark Glanville

Mark Glanville is a pastor-scholar who ministers in a missional urban community, Grandview Church, Vancouver. Mark is Professor of Old Testament and congregational studies at the Missional Training Center, Phoenix (, and he teaches at Regent College, Vancouver. Mark's research focusses upon the Pentateuch, biblical ethics, and mission. Mark has authored "Adopting the Stranger as Kindred" (SBL, 2018), "Reading Exodus: Society Reshaped by Kinship" (Lexham, forthcoming), numerous refereed articles (including in the Journal of Biblical Literature (2018), Journal for the Study of the Old Testament (2019), and Refuge Journal (2013)) and chapters on the Pentateuch, mission, and refugee related issues, as well as numerous popular articles. Mark is presently co-authoring a book, "Providing Refuge: A Missional and Political Theology." Mark is called upon to speak on in Canada, the U.S., and Australia. His previous career was as a jazz pianist in Sydney, Australia (Chick Corea and Wynton Kelly are his musical heroes).
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