Select articles on justice and missional church (articles by others below):

Loving the Stranger in our Midst.  A biblical critique of Australian asylum seeker policy.

  • Published by the Centre for Public Christianity, 2013.

Ancient Laws and New Canadian Refugee Legislation: Evaluating Bill C-31 in Light of the Book of Deuteronomy. A critical evaluation of recent Canadian refugee legislation in light of Scripture.

  • Published in ‘Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees’ (Refuge Journal, peer-reviewed, is published by the Centre for Refugee Studies, York University and Queen’s University, Canada.)

Immigration, Refugees, and the Old Testament A search for ethics in Scripture that ignores the worldview of Israel will inadvertently result in a collapse of the reader’s worldview with the text’s worldview.

An Ever-Burning Lamp An article about Robert Murray McCheyne , a Godly Pastor who God used for a great revival in Dundee, Scotland. McCheyne died in 1843 aged 29.

  • Publishing: Australian Presbyterian  (2006, April) No. 580, 13-14.

Justice in the City (With John McClean) Poverty is rife in first world cities. Urban mission must include justice. This article outlines issues of poverty in urban areas and surveys the theme of justice through the Biblical story.

  • Publishing: Case (2009) No. 18, page 12-16

PTC Dines at Tregear This article describes a monthly community meal held on the lawn of Tregear Presbyterian Church, Mt Druitt, Western Sydney. Over 100 people from community and church share food together monthly.

  • Publishing: The Pulse (2009, November), page 5

The Unhelpful Solitude of Preaching The lonely practice of preaching is inconsistent with the nature of preaching, which is relational and communal. Preaching is the proclamation of God’s word to and within a community. This article explores ways for preachers to prepare sermons and develop skills in community with others.

  • Publishing: The Briefing (2010, July-August) 382/3, 33.

The Presbyterian Church Building that Became a Lingerie Factory Theological conservative churches are often slow to engage with culture. John Stott helpfully says that the church must engage in ‘double listening’. We must listen with one ear to scripture and with the other to culture. Both scripture and culture must be attended to.

  • Publishing: The Pulse (2010, July), 6.

Every Square Inch, Christ’s Lordship Answers the Two Great Questions of Ministry How does our affirmation of the Lordship of Christ inform the mission of the local church? Every aspect our lives, culture and community comes under the Lordship of Christ: family life, work life, politics, media, education etc.  Leslie Newbigin writes: ‘The primary witness to the sovereignty of Christ must be given, and can only be given, in the ordinary secular work of lay men and women in business, in politics, in professional work, as farmers, factory workers and so on.’

  • Publishing: Australian Presbyterian (2010, August), 12-13.

Articles by others I have appreciated

Walter Brueggemann – The Costly Loss of Lament A study of the cries for justice in the Psalms of lament. Psalms of Lament are a ‘claim filed in court in order to ensure that the question of justice is formally articulated’. Brueggemann writes: ‘a community of faith which negates lament soon concludes that the hard issues of justice are improper questions to pose at the throne, because the throne seems to be only a place of praise… we are left with only grim obedience and eventually despair’.

  • Publishing: Journal for the Study of the Old Testament October 1986 11: 57-71,

Erin Goheen Glanville: Letter to a New Graduate student Erin Glanville shares wisdom on being a Christian grad student in a liberal arts school. When Erin began her studies a women said: ‘Listen more than you speak’. Erin reflects: ‘”Listen well” became something of a mantra for me during my studies.’

Mike Goheen: The Urgency of Reading the Bible as One Story in the 21st Century Mike Goheen writes that our lives are inevitably shaped by some grand story. The question is, which grand story will shape our lives, the western humanistic story or the Biblical one? He writes: ‘The church needs pastors and leaders, and the academy needs scholars and teachers who are in the grip of [the biblical] story, and discharge their task in a way that calls church members and students to find their place in the true story of the world.’

  • Publishing: Public Lecture Given at Regent College, 2006

Norbert Lohfink, Poverty in the laws of the Ancient Near East and of the Bible Lohfink discerns the attitude toward poverty of Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Unlike texts of the ancient near east the Pentateuch represents genuine pursuit of justice. Deuteronomy is notable as it strives for a nation without poverty.

  • Publishing: Bible Theological Studies, 52, 1991, 34-50

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