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Regent Course: Exodus

Looking forward to teaching “The Book of Exodus: Buildinga Missional Community,” at Regent College. This is an intensive Summer course, July 30 – Aug 3, afternoons. Consider enrolling or send the info to someone who might be interested.  The book … Continue reading

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Easter Saturday Reflection: Joesph of Arimathea

Today, as we wait in puzzled grief, we also remember that Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for Jesus body and laid it in his own new tomb. This short vignette in the gospels is a store of riches. Joseph would … Continue reading

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My book on forced displacement and welcome is being prepared for publication

I have just submitted my final manuscript to SBL Press: “Family for the Displaced: A New Paradigm for the Gēr (Stranger) in Deuteronomy.” I understand that the book will be out around October 2018. Here is a summary that will … Continue reading

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“Biblical & Theological Foundation for Mission” at Regent College.

I am looking forward to teaching “Biblical & Theological Foundation for Mission” at Regent College. I am excited to workshop biblical texts and discover their missional dynamic, together with others. This is an intensive course, held January 3, 4, 5, 6, 2018. … Continue reading

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Canaanite Destruction: Its Ancient Meaning, Its Misuse, and Its Meaning for the Church

This blog is based upon a sermon preached at Grandview Calvary Baptist Church, 9.18.2017. It also includes material from a book chapter, Mark R. Glanville, “A Missional Reading of Deuteronomy: Communities of Gratitude, Celebration, and Justice,” in Michael W. Goheen, … Continue reading

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One Sermon in Two-Hundred Vancouver Churches on June 11: Welcoming the Stranger

[A shorter version of this blog appeared in The Light Magazine, Apr 2017] The same sermon theme will be preached in over one-hundred-and-fifty Vancouver churches on Sunday June 11, this year. Our theme: welcoming the stranger. I feel giddy with anticipation … Continue reading

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Ancient Laws for New Challenges: The Ten Commandments as a Critique of Inequality

You might be interested in reading my new article, “Ancient Laws for New Challenges: The Ten Commandments as a Critique of Inequality,” Ethics in Brief 22 (2017). Abstract: This article argues that the Ten Commandments summoned ancient Israel to live … Continue reading

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A Stranger Kind of Love: Responding to the Global Refugee Crisis

Perhaps you might have some time to read through my recent article, published in Mosaic? “We are facing the biggest refugee and displacement crisis of our time. Above all, this is not just a crisis of numbers; it is also a … Continue reading

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Plans to deregulate Wall Street

I am not an economist, but, intuitively, Trumps plan to deregulate Wall Street seems very wrong to me. In January, Oxfam researchers declared that just 8 men own the same wealth as half of the world. Wealth disparity statistics become … Continue reading

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Undocumented Immigrants and Refugees “Living in Sin”?

Some argue that undocumented immigrants and refugees, as well as those who protect them, are living in sin. For, we are required in Romans 13 to obey our Governments (e.g. Hoffmeier, “Crisis at the Borders”). Mark G. Brett responds, “How … Continue reading

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